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    This video begins with several minutes of run-by action, followed by a film featuring Santa Fe freight yard operations, all in beautiful color...Then: The Santa Fe Super Chief A 1948 film introduction to this beautiful train. Ride from Chicago to Los Angeles and experience (out of this world) accommodations, dome cars, and interiors of this incredible train...Plus: Santa Fe, Play It Safe Dangerous safety practices are shown while you see excellent ATSF footage. Wrong ways of mounting engines, three on a footboard, switching, riding on top, setting brakes, and much more.

    Also On This Special DVD Edition:
    Santa Fe Challenge For Tomorrow
    A 1950s look at the ATSF railway, past and present. Steam is represented by display locomotive number 1 Cyrus K Holiday, a 2-8-0 and a 2-10-4 Texas type number 5034. We see the 5034 heading into the round house ending the steam era on the Santa Fe. Warbonnet F units, E-units and Alco PAs abound in this film. There is a excellent segment on the San Francisco Bay rail ferry system. The theme of the film is that the only absolute on the Santa Fe is change itself.
    Color Total Running Time 63 Minutes, DVD